Royalty Free Collections

Blend Images

Blend Images offers multicultural ethnically diverse stock imagery. The collection covers: royalty free people images, industry stock photos, sports photos, healthcare stock images and more


Royalty free stock photos and high quality royalty free images suitable for professional image users from a distinguished collection. Image categories include: architecture, landscape, scenic and more.

Science Photo Library

The Science Photo Library collection of royalty free licensing features a variety of creative healthcare images: images of cancer cells, bacteria images, scientists at work and photos of doctors treating patients.

Image Source

Trend-driven royalty free stock photos and high quality royalty free images suitable for professional image users. Image categories include: lifestyle photos, travel images, scenic landscapes, celebration photos, and more.

Tetra Images

Tetra Images Royalty Free images feature conceptual pictures for art buyers. The Tetra collection covers: business stock photos, travel images, scenic landscape images, stock images of food, technology photos, and more.

Mint Images

Mint Images Royalty Free images feature images of the family engaging in various activities, outdoor lifestyle, couples, children and more in a number of settings.

Rights Managed Collections

Minden Pictures

The Minden Pictures creative photo collection includes nature and wildlife images for license. The collection covers natural history images, ecology images, biodiversity and endangered species and images from isolated regions.

North Wind

The North Wind collection features illustrations of explorers, illustrations of colonial era, illustrations of americana, science graphics, and portraits of historical persons. The collection also includes historical stock photographs.

Robert Harding

A leading rights managed travel photo specialist. The collection features travel & tourism images, archaeology, architecture images and environment images. High resolution images for advertising, images for design, and licensed photos for the travel industry.

Mint Images

Mint Images Rights Managed collection features stunning nature, scenic, wildlife, organic agriculture, lifestyle & still life images. The collection covers wildlife from all corners of the globe including rare species and fantastic landscape.

Hometica: Sheltered Images

Hometica Sheltered Images include stunning indoor scenes and architecture, incorporating all materials and depicting a plethora of design themes.


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