The Town Of Aquas Calientes, Gateway To Machu Picchu, Located In The Andes Mountains With The Rushing Urubamba River; Aguas Calientes, Cuzco, Peru (Design Pics via AP)

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August 01, 2017 06:27:18 AM
October 07, 2017 10:27:21 AM
Ron Dahlquist
Design Pics via AP
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Cultural preservation, Cultures, Social affairs, Mountains, Environment and nature
Aguas Calientes, Andes, Andes Mountains, Apartment, Brown Water, Building, Cuzco, Flowing, Foliage, Forest, gateway to Machu Picchu, Green, International Landmark, Landscape, Lush, Machu Picchu, Machupicchu District, Mountain, Peru, Plant, Residential, River, Rushing, Splashing, Tourist Attraction, Travel Destination, Tree, Urubamba River, Water, Unesco World Heritage Site, Unesco, World Heritage Site, Aguas, Calientes, Mountains, Brown, Gateway, To, Machu, Picchu, International, Landmark, Machupicchu, District, Tourist, Attraction, Travel, Destination, Urubamba, World, Heritage, Site, South America, Photography, Color Image, Horizontal, Outdoors, Day, Building Exterior, Scenics, Physical Geography, Incidental People, Spring, Town, Leaf, Rock, Peruvian Culture, Colour Image, Colour, Color, Outside, Tourist Destination, Place Of Interest, Background People, People In The Background, Topography, Scenery, Scene, Scenes, Picturesque, Unesco World Heritage Sites, World Heritage Sites, Typically Peruvian, Traditional Culture, Tradition, Traditional, Traditionally, Peruvian, Traditionally Peruvian, aquas calientes
Aguas Calientes, CUZCO

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