A businessman walks past wall and door of the Reykjavik Art Museum; Reykjavik, Iceland (Design Pics via AP)

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March 26, 2020 12:36:19 AM
August 07, 2020 04:36:36 AM
Keith Levit
Design Pics via AP
5707 x 3834 5.75 MB
Smartphones, Mobile phones, Consumer electronics, Technology, Travel, Lifestyle, Wireless technology
Horizontal, Outdoors, Day, Daytime, Urban, Technology, Confidence, Confident, Success, Business, Professional, Color, Colour, Man, Briefcase, Communications, Communication, Door, Entrance, Communicate, Landmark, Eyeglasses, Walking, Landmarks, Tourism, Businessman, Jacket, Cellular, Cellphone, Phone, Businessperson, Museum, Person, Writing, Telephone, Phones, Businessmen, Mobile, Words, Doors, Males, Side View, Local Landmark, Iceland, Wireless Technology, Icelandic, Architectural Exteriors, Professionals, Middle Aged, Full-Length, Facial Hair, Tourist Attractions, Telephones, Cell Phones, Attractions, Businesspersons, One Person, Business-Person, Business-Persons, Destinations, Business-Man, Self Assured, Word, White, Exterior, Adults, Work, Outside, Adult, Green, People, Cellphones, Men, Artwork, Attraction, Destination, Travel, Art, Male, Wall, Color Image, Cell Phone, Cellular Phone, Museums, Mobiles, Cellular Phones, Business-Men, Tourist Attraction, Travel Destination, Travel Destinations, Phone Call, Architectural Detail, Place Of Interest, Art Museums, Colour Image, Mature Man, Building Exteriors, Mature Men, Reykjavik, Smart Casual, 40-44 Years, Local Landmarks, Wireless Device, Wireless Devices, Smart Phone, Smart Phones, Mobile Device, Places Of Interest, mobile devices, workplace professional, workplace professionals, art museum, business smart, Reykjavik Art Museum, Listasafn, mint green

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