This is the Milky Way of the autumn season in the Northern Hemisphere, on a late September night, from the very dark site of Red Rock Canyon, in Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada. The scene is a 360 degree rectangular panorama taking in the entire sky, taken about 11:00 pm. Illumination is solely by starlight. Being autumn, the larches and aspens are in autumn colors. Snow is on Mount Blakiston at left, while the sharp peak at centre is Anderson Peak. The galactic centre is toward the southwest at left of centre, though Sagittarius itself had set by the time I shot this panorama. The bright star cloud of Scutum is above the mountains. The Milky Way stretches up through Aquila, through the Summer Triangle stars, and across the top as the Milky Way was then passing through the zenith. At right, the Milky Way descends again through Cassiopeia and into Perseus. The stars of Auriga and Taurus are just rising in the northeast at far right. The Andromeda Galaxy is the fuzzy spot at top right. The Pleiades are above the mountains at right. At far left is the faint Zodiacal Band, and the brighter diffuse glow of the Gegenschein, in Pisces at this time of year. This glow is always at the point in the sky opposite the Sun, where cometary dust particles reflect sunlight directly back to Earth. To the right of centre the sky is colored red by a dim aurora to the north, and by airglow.

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