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Caucasian woman standing in rural field (Blend Images via AP Images)

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April 11, 2016 05:26:47 PM
April 12, 2016 01:27:02 AM
Vladimir Serov/Blend Images
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Animals, Animal health, Wildlife, Weather, Health, Environment, Environment and nature, General news
18-19 years, activity, animals, art, authentic, authenticity, beautiful, beauty, behavior, bird, black and white, caucasian, close up, commercial, conspiracy, copy space, day, determination, enigmatic, expressing, features, field, flirting, flying, focus on foreground, hair, head and shoulders, healthy, human face, innocence, landscape, large group of animals, leisure, lifestyle, lip, long hair, looking at camera, magic, medallion, mouth, mysterious, nature, nizhniy tagil, obscured face, one person, outdoors, people, person, photography, portrait, posing, positivity, purity, real people, rural scene, russia, sensuality, serious, shadow, shaggy, shiny, sign, sky, smiling, square image, standing, sunny, sverdlovsk oblast, white, wind, woman, young adult, young women, 20-25, 20-30, 20's, 20s, 25-30, adult, animal, asia, asian, b&w, black & white, bw, close-up, closeup, conjuring, creature, daylight, daytime, dedication, egg-laying, enchantment, face, feather, female, flight, flirtation, fortitude, gal, group, head, head & shoulders, human, human being, lady, long, monochrome, natural, negative space, northern asia, omnivore, one, outdoor, outside, persistence, portraiture, relaxation, resolution, restful, rural, russian, sensual, seriousness, signage, smile, soaring, solemn, somber, sorcery, square, sunlight, sunshine, tranquility, trusting, twenties, twenty, unworldly, vertebrate, warm-blooded, western european, white space, wild, wildlife, wizardry, women

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