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Pacific Islander woman standing on tennis court (Blend Images via AP Images)

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January 11, 2016 06:37:42 AM
May 13, 2016 03:04:10 AM
Colin Anderson/Blend Images
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Physical fitness, Exercise, Women's health, Health, Diet and exercise, Lifestyle
30-34 years, asian ethnicity, athlete, authentic, authenticity, balance, bali, brunette, candid, challenge, circle, color image, competition, competitive, control, copy space, day, determination, dreams, dress, elite, elite athlete, escapism, exercise, fitness, front view, full length, fun, game, green, hard work, health & beauty, healthy living, high performance, holding, horizontal, hot, indonesia, leaning, leisure activity, lifestyle, line, looking down, medium group of objects, mid adult, mid adult women, nusa dua, one person, outdoors, pacific islander ethnicity, people, photography, physical fitness, playing, practicing, real people, recreation, relaxation, resting, routine, selective focus, skill, sport, sports, standing, strategy, strength, sunny, tennis, tennis ball, tennis court, tennis racket, training, vitality, wall, woman, 30-35, 30-40, 30's, 30s, 35-40, 3d, ability, activity, adult, amusement, angular, apparel, asia, asian, beauty, brown hair, challenging, clothes, clothing, color, colour, competing, daylight, daytime, dedication, demanding, energy, entertainment, exercising, exertion, expertise, far eastern, female, fortitude, frock, full body, full-length, gal, garment, geometric, gown, group, health, heat, human, human being, indonesian, instructing, know-how, lady, leisure, leisure time, linear, negative space, one, oriental, outdoor, outside, pacific islander, pastime, persistence, person, power, practice, practising, rehearsing, relaxing, resolution, restful, round, self-improvement, shape, south east asia, spare time, sphere, straight, sunlight, sunshine, teaching, technique, thirties, thirty, trainer, white space, women, workout

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