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Teacher and student working in library (Blend Images via AP Images)

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August 16, 2013 12:00:00 AM
July 14, 2016 04:17:30 PM
Marc Romanelli/Blend Images
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10-11 years, 60-64 years, assistance, book, bookcase, boy, boys, caucasian, choice, color image, communication, connection, cooperation, day, decisions, education, eyeglasses, guidance, hand on chin, head and shoulders, helping, holding, horizontal, indoors, junior high, knowledge, latin american and hispanic ethnicity, learning, librarian, library, listening, literacy, man, mentor, mentoring, mentorship, middle eastern ethnicity, mixed race person, multi-ethnic group, multicultural, multiculturalism, occupation, people, photography, pre-adolescent child, reaching, reading, recommending, research, researching, school, searching, senior adult, senior men, serious, shelf, showing, standing, student, studying, suit and tie, talking, teacher, teaching, together, tutor, two people, working, 2, 60-65, 60-70, 60's, 60s, 65-70, 70-75, 70-80, 70's, 70s, 75-80, accessory, adult, advising, aiding, archive, assisting, bookshelf, chatting, child, children, color, colour, communicating, connecting, connexion, conversation, conversing, counseling, daylight, daytime, dialog, dialogue, discussing, displaying, educating, educator, elderly, endorsing, examining, exhibiting, eye-glasses, fellow, furnishing, furniture, gentleman, glasses, guiding, guy, head & shoulders, hearing, helpful, hispanic, human, human being, indoor, information, inside, instructing, intelligence, joining, juvenile, kid, lad, latin american, latino, listener, male, middle eastern, mixed race, old, person, pre-adolescent, public servant, pupil, reader, recommendation, retired, retirement, searcher, seeking, senior, senior citizen, seriousness, seventies, seventy, sixties, sixty, solemn, somber, speaking, specs, spectacles, talker, togetherness, tome, tuition, tween, tweenie, tweenies, tweens, two, western european, wisdom, work, young, youngster, youth

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