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Caucasian woman admiring scenic view (Blend Images via AP Images)

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September 15, 2015 06:58:01 AM
October 01, 2016 11:24:49 PM
Christopher Winton-Stahle/Blend
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Travel destinations, Leisure travel, Travel, Lifestyle
40-44 years, admiring, adventure, amne machin, beauty in nature, calm, carefree, caucasian, china, cloud, color image, copy space, day, distant, environment, forest road, full length, getting away from it all, hands on hips, hitchhiking, horizontal, journey, landscape, linear perspective, looking at view, mature adult, mature women, morning, mountain, nature, on the move, on the road, one person, outdoors, peace, people, perspective, photographer, photography, qinghai, rear view, risky, rural scene, scenic view, serene people, serenity, sky, standing, suitcase, tranquil scene, tranquility, travel, travel destinations, vacations, whimsy, woman, wonder, 40-45, 40-50, 40's, 40s, 45-50, 50-55, 50-60, 55-60, admiration, admirer, adult, adventuresome, adventuring, alpine, amazement, appreciating, asia, asian, astonishment, awe, bag, beauty, case, cheerful, chinese, color, colour, daylight, daytime, distance, east asia, far east, female, fifties, fifty, forties, forty, full body, full-length, gal, getaway, hitchhiker, human, human being, lady, light hearted, lighthearted, long shot, longshot, luggage, marveling, mid life, middle age, middle aged, middle-age, middle-aged, mountainous, natural, negative space, on the go, one, outdoor, outside, peaceful, peak, person, rural, scenics, serene, thumbing, tranquil, traveling, travelling, trip, unconcerned, western european, white space, women

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