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Hispanic woman cooking for granddaughter in kitchen (Blend Images via AP Images)

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September 30, 2016 07:54:07 PM
October 01, 2016 03:22:33 PM
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Seniors, Grandparenting, Women's health, Extended family, Relationships, Lifestyle, Health
65-69 years, 8-9 years, active seniors, age, aging, aging process, apron, assertive, assured, authentic, authenticity, available light, balanced, bold, bonding, braid, braided hair, brown eye, brown hair, brunette, California, certain, child, childhood, children, color, color image, commanding, confident, confidently, cooking, dark haired, day, decisive, determined, domestic kitchen, domestic life, drink, dusk, elementary age, evenfall, evening, eventide, everyday scenes, firm, focus on foreground, food and drink, forceful, forthright, free time, fresh, full figured, full-figured, getting old, girl, girls, grandchild, granddaughter, grandma, grandmother, grandparent, growing old, hands on hips, healthy, healthy seniors, hobbies and pastimes, hobby, homemade, indoors, insistent, latin american and hispanic ethnicity, latina, leisure, leisure time, lifestyle, long-haired, looking away, looking down, Los Angeles, love, mixed ages, nightfall, no eye contact, no smile, not smiley, not smiling, old, pan, pastime, people, photography, plus size, plus-size, pride, profile, pushy, real, real life scene, real people, retirement, scenes from real life, self-assured, self-confident, self-possessed, senior adult, senior women, serene people, serious, setting sun, short hair, side of face, side view, standing, stove, strong-willed, sundown, sunset, three quarter length, together, tortilla, twilight, two people, United States, upright, vertical, window light, woman, young at heart, young-at-heart, 2, 60-65, 60-70, 60's, 60s, 65-70, 70-75, 70-80, 70's, 70s, 75-80, adoring, adult, affection, ageing, america, american, americas, apparel, assertiveness, back view, brave, bread, ca, carbohydrate, caring, cherishing, clothes, clothing, colour, confidence, cookery, cookware, courage, daring, dark, daylight, daytime, decisiveness, defiant, devotion, elderly, emotion, erect, facing away, family, fearless, feeling, female, fondness, food, freshness, gal, garment, gramma, hair, hispanic, human, human being, indoor, inside, juvenile, kid, kin, kinfolk, kitchen, l.a., la, lady, latin american, latino, leisure activity, maturing, mexican, minor, new, night, nighttime, nite, north america, perpendicular, person, plait, positive, pot, proud, regard, relat

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