Australian cosplayer Richard Magarey, left, better known by his stage name Ladybeard, dressed in a girl costume greets a girl at the stand of Netease or during the 11th China International Comics and Games Expo (CCG Expo 2015) in Shanghai, China, 10 July 2015. When you think "kawaii" and "J-pop" the first image that comes into your head is probably not of a fit, hairy Caucasian guy wearing pony tails and tiny women's clothes. Which is exactly what makes "Ladybeard" so unique and popular in Japan. Richard Magarey hails from the Australian city of Adelaide, but moved to Hong Kong in 2006 to pursue a career in martial arts stunt career. Drama had been the only thing he was good at in school, and because he also practiced martial arts, he decided to pursue a career as a stunt actor. After training in a wrestling gym for over two months, Richard showed up for his first match wearing a skimpy Lolita dress and his hair tied in two childish ponytails. Ladybeard became an overnight sensation, and he started performing heavy metal covers of Cantonese pop songs in his crazy attire. People would walk up to Richard and say "That was crazy, you should go to Japan, because the Japanese would love this." Japan fell in love with him almost instantly. Ladybeard says most of his fans are Japanese girls aged 18 to late 20's, but he also has a lot of fans who are children, and even some older people that seem to love attending his gigs. In China, he believes his fans are 50% male and 50% female.(Imaginechina via AP Images)

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