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Asian businessman jumping out of helicopter (Blend Images via AP Images)

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April 17, 2007 12:45:47 PM
July 03, 2010 05:01:16 PM
John Lund/Drew Kelly/Sam Diephuis/Blend Images
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Mass transit systems, Radicalism, Transportation, General news, Government and politics
30-35, 30-35 years, 30-40, 30s, 35-40, adult, adventure, airborne, aircraft, amusing, asian, asian ethnicity, asian theme, authority, aviation, back lit, backlit, back-lit, bailing out, beam, blurred motion, blurry, business, business man, businessman, businesspeople, challenge, chopper, color, color image, colour, comedy, comical, control, copter, copy space, danger, dangerous, day, daylight, daytime, drastic, eluding, endangering, enterprise, escapee, escaping, executive, exiting, extreme, extremism, far eastern, fellow, fleeing, flier, flight, flyer, flying, force, free, freedom, full body, full length, full-length, funny, gentleman, getting away, going to work, guy, hazard, hazardous, helicopter, hilarious, hilarity, hopping, human, human being, humor, humour, jeopardizing, jeopardy, journey, jumper, jumping, korean ethnicity, leaping, lens flare, liberation, liberty, lifestyle, low angle, low angle view, male, man, mid adult, motion, movement, negative space, on the go, one, one person, only men, oriental, outdoor, outdoors, outside, people, perilous, person, photography, portrait, portraiture, power, powerful, radical, ray, risk, risk-taking, soaring, sun, sunbeam, sunlight, sunny, sunshine, super hero, thirties, thirty, transit, transport, transportation, travel, treacherous, tycoon, vehicle, venture, vertical, wealthy, white space, wit, work

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