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Hispanic friends flying kite at beach (Blend Images via AP Images)

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May 21, 2007 07:45:14 AM
July 04, 2010 02:18:51 AM
Gabriela Medina/Blend Images
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Women's health, Men's health, Relationships, Health, Lifestyle
18-19, 20-25, 20-25 years, 20-30, 25-30, 25-30 years, 3, 30-35, 30-35 years, 30-40, 30s, 35-40, action, active, adult, african, african american, african ethnicity, african-american, afro american, afro-american, amusement, apparel, bare, bare chest, bare-chest, bare-chested, barefoot, bathing costume, bathing suit, bathing-suit, beach, beau, beloved, bikini, black, blue sky, bonding, boyfriend, buddy, calamity, carefree, caucasian, chasing, cheerful, chest, chum, clear sky, clothes, clothing, cloudless, coast, coastland, coastline, color, color image, colour, companion, companionship, comrade, confidence, copy space, couple, darling, day, daylight, daytime, delight, eagerness, enjoyment, entertainment, enthusiasm, excitement, exciting, fellow, female, fitness, flapping, flier, flight, fluttering, flyer, flying, following, force, free, freedom, friend, friendship, front view, fulfilling, full body, full length, full-length, fun, gal, garment, gentleman, getting away from it all, girlfriend, gratifying, gusto, guy, health, heterosexual couple, hispanic, hispanic ethnicity, holding, horizontal, human, human being, husband, jointly, jolly, kin, kinfolk, kite, lady, latin american, latin American and hispanic, latin american and hispanic ethnicity, latina, leisure, leisure activity, leisure time, liberation, liberty, light hearted, lighthearted, lively, low angle, low angle view, male, man, marine, married, mate, men and women, mid adult, midsummer, mischievous, motion, movement, multi-ethnic group, nature, negative space, ocean, of african descent, outdoor, outdoors, outside, pal, partner, pastime, people, person, photography, playful, playing, pleasing, pleasure, power, powerful, pulling, pursuing, recreation, relationship, relaxation, relaxing, resting, running, sand, satisfaction, sea, seacoast, seashore, shirtless, shoeless, shore, shoreline, sky, soaring, spare time, spirited, spouse, summer, summertime, sunlight, sunny, sunshine, sweetheart, swim suit, swimming suit, swimming-suit, swimsuit, swimwear, thirties, thirty, three, three people, together, togetherness, topless, trailing, truelove, tugging, twenties, twenty, unconcerned, vacation, water, waterfront, wed, western european, whimsical, wife, wind, woman, young adult

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