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Mixed race businesswoman speaking at podium with arms outstretched (Blend Images via AP Images)

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July 29, 2008 11:53:23 PM
July 09, 2010 04:10:55 AM
Hill Street Studios/Blend Images
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5150 x 3434 10.85 MB
Government and politics, Civil service
20-24 years, 20-25, 20-30, 20s, 20's, 25-30, adult, african, african american, african ethnicity, african-american, afro american, afro-american, ambition, applicant, arguing, arm, arms outstretched, arms raised, asian, asian ethnicity, aspiration, authority, black, bliss, business, business woman, businesspeople, businesswoman, campaigner, campaigning, candidate, chatting, cheerful, chinese ethnicity, civil servant, color, color image, colour, communicating, communication, confidence, confident, conversation, conversing, copy space, curtain, debater, debating, dedication, delight, delighted, determination, dialog, dialogue, discussing, display, disputing, drapery, eagerness, emphasis, enjoyment, enterprise, enthusiasm, executive, far eastern, female, fortitude, front view, furnishing, furniture, gaiety, gal, gesturing, glad, gleeful, government, governmental, gratifying, gusto, happy, head & shoulders, head and shoulders, horizontal, human, human being, indoor, indoors, inside, inspiring, intensity, jolly, joy, lady, lectern, lecture, lecturer, legislative, legislator, lighthearted, merry, microphone, mixed race, mixed race person, motioning, motivational speaker, mouth open, negative space, nominee, of african descent, one, one person, one young woman only, open, oriental, people, persistence, person, photography, pleasing, pleasure, podium, political, politician, politics, positive, power, presentation, presenting, public speaker, public speaking, raised, raising, rejoicing, resolution, satisfaction, self-assured, showing, signaling, smile, smiling, speaker, speaking, speech, speechmaker, spirited, stage, standing, success, surprise, surprising, talker, talking, twenties, twenty, white space, woman, women, young adult, zeal, zest

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