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High school students concentrating in class (PhotoAlto via AP Images)

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April 13, 2010 04:12:18 PM
June 09, 2010 01:52:27 PM
Sigrid Olsson
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Primary and secondary education, Education, Social affairs
16-17 years, 18-19 years, adolescent, adolescents, age 16-17, age 18-19, backlighting, backlit, casual apparel, casual clothes, casual clothing, casual wear, casually dressed, casualwear, caucasian, caucasians, class, class work, classes, classroom, classrooms, classwork, color image, color images, colour image, colour images, concentrate, concentrates, concentrating, concentration, cropped, cut out, day, daylight, daytime, day-time, differential focus, drop out, education, eyes down, focus, focused, focusing, four people, four persons, from below, head and shoulders, high school, high school student, high school students, highschool, highschool student, highschool students, highschools, indoor, indoors, informal clothes, informal clothing, informal wear, interior, looking down, low angle view, low-angle view, low-angle views, northern european ethnicity, part of, partial view, pencil, pencils, quiz, quizzes, school, schools, schoolwork, selective focus, side by side, side view, side views, side-by-side, sideview, sideviews, sit, sits, sitting, southern european ethnicity, surface level, surface level view, surface level views, teen, teen age girl, teen boy, teen boys, teen girl, teen girls, teenage boy, teenage boys, teenage girl, teenage girls, teenager, teenagers, teens, test, tests, viewed from below, white background, white backgrounds, white ethnicity, working, works, write, writes, writing

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