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Close-up of computer icons on a visual screen (Artbox via AP Images)

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November 23, 2010 05:30:13 PM
November 29, 2010 10:06:19 PM
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3491 x 5215 9.28 MB
Computer monitors, Laptop computers, Communication technology, Supercomputing, Computer peripherals, Computer hardware, Computing and information technology, Technology, Personal computers, Personal computers, Consumer electronics
1 Object, Act, Activation, Album, Allegory, Arrange, Art Product, At Close Range, Azure, Binder, Blazon, Blue, Blueness, Bronze, Capital Letter, Central Processing Unit, Check, Chromatic Color, Chromatic Colour, Close Up, Close- Up, Close Ups, Close-Up, Close-ups, Cloudless, Codes, Cognitive Content, Color, Color Image, Colored, Color-image, Colors, Colour, Commands, Communicate, Communicated, Communicating, Communication, Communications, Computer, Computer Communication, Computer Display, Computer Equipment, Computer Icon, Computer Icons, Computer Monitor, Computer Screen, Computing Device, Computing Machine, Concepts, Connectedness, Connection, Connexion, Content, Cpu, Data, Data File, Data Processor, Demo, Depiction, Desktop Pc, Details, Directions, Directives, Display, Document, Dossier, Electronic Computer, Emblem, Emblematic, Examine, Exhibit, Exhibition, Fanfare, File, Files, Folder, Full Frame, Fullframe, Full-frame, Fullframes, Full-frames, Hieroglyph, Human Action, Human Activity, Icon, Idea, Ideas, Ikon, Image, In Door, In Doors, Inception, Indoor, In-door, Indoors, In-doors, Info, Information, Information Processing System, Inside, Intention, Interior, Keep An Eye On, Laptop, Launch, Liftoff, Logo, Machine, Mainframe, Mental Object, Metaphoric, Mind, Monitor, Motionless, Motorboat, No People, Observe, One Object, Pageantry, Pc, Photo, Photographs, Photography, Photos, Picture, Pixelated, Plaster, Portrait, Processor, Rendering, Reports, Representation, Schematic, Scrapbook, Scrutinize, Simile, Single Object, Social Relation, Specifics, Spectral Color, Spectral Colour, Still, Still Life, Stock Photo, Stock Photos, Supercomputer, Supervise, Symbol, Symbolic, Symbolism, Technological, Technologies, Technology, Text, Thought, Unfold, Vertical, Vertically, Verticals, Visual Screen, Watch, Western Script, Workbook, Workstation

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