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Close-up of a person's hand holding a hammer (Artbox via AP Images)

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November 23, 2010 05:43:52 PM
November 29, 2010 10:38:03 PM
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1, 1 Person Only, Ability, Activeness, Activity, Adeptness, Alone, Arbiter, Artistry, Asset, At Close Range, Attempt, Authority, Authorization, Being, Brawn, Cabinetmaking, Carpenter, Carpentry, Close Up, Close- Up, Close Ups, Close-Up, Close-ups, Clutch, Cognitive Content, Color, Color Image, Colored, Colored Background, Color-image, Colors, Colour, Competency, Content, Control, Craft, Dilution, Dominance, Domination, Durability, Dynamism, Effort, Elbow Grease, Endeavor, Energy, Exertion, Expertness, Fellow, Ferocity, Finesse, Flier, Force, Forcefulness, Grip, Gripping, Grips, Hammer, Hand, Hand Tool, Handicraft, Handiness, Hands, Handwork, Health, Hegemony, Held, Hold, Holding, Holds, Human, Human Being, Human Hand, Human Hands, Human-hand, Human-hands, Idea, Ideas, Individual, Ingenuity, Intention, Joinery, Keeping, Legality, Living, Living Being, Mallet, Material Possession, Mental Object, Mind, One, One Person, One Person Only, Only 1 Person, Only One Person, Part Of, People, Pep, Person, Person Hand, Person Hands, Person's Hand, Person's Hands, Photo, Photographs, Photography, Photos, Physical Phenomenon, Potency, Power, Power Tool, Powerful, Powerfully, Powers, Prehend, Professional Occupation, Prowess, Say-so, Science, Seize, Shot, Single, Skill, Solidness, Solo, Stab, Stock Photo, Stock Photos, Strength, Struggle, Studio Shot, Tact, Take Hold, Thought, Toughness, Trade, Travail, Try, Unrecognizable Person, Vehemence, Vertical, Vertically, Verticals, Vigor, Vigour, Virtuosity, Woodwork, Woodworking

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