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Close-up of text Income Tax written on an adhesive note (Artbox via AP Images)

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November 23, 2010 06:00:29 PM
November 29, 2010 11:11:50 PM
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Social issues, Social affairs
Abstract, Act, Adhesive Note, Alimony, Annuity, Assessment, At Close Range, Bankroll, Buck, Bursary, Business, Business Concern, Business Organisation, Business Organization, Capital, Capital Letter, Career, Careers, Chaser, Close Up, Close- Up, Close Ups, Close-Up, Close-ups, Cognitive Content, Coinage, Coins, Color, Color Image, Colored, Color-image, Colors, Colour, Commerce, Commercialism, Communicate, Communicated, Communicating, Communication, Communications, Concepts, Conceptual, Concern, Connectedness, Connection, Connexion, Content, Cremation, Cue, Document, Doing, Dues, Duty, Earning, Earnings, Economic, Enterprise, Excise, Finance, Financial, Funding, Glow Images, Governmental Revenue, Hand Writing, Hand Writings, Handwriting, Hand-writing, Handwritings, Hand-writings, Hori Zontal, Horizontal, Horizontally, Horizontals, Human Action, Human Activity, Idea, Ideas, In Door, In Doors, Income, Income Tax, Indoor, In-door, Indoors, In-doors, Inside, Intention, Interior, Keepsake, Largesse, Levy, Liability, Lifeblood, Mental Object, Mercantilism, Mind, Monetary, Money, Monies, Mortgage, Motionless, Newspaper, No People, Packaging, Paper, Pay, Pay Envelope, Pay Packet, Paycheck, Pecuniary, Photo, Photographs, Photography, Photos, Profession, Profits, Ransom, Rate, Rates, Receipts, Refresher, Reminder, Remuneration, Returns, Revenue, Salary, Savings, Script, Selective Focus, Social Issues, Social Relation, Still, Still Life, Stipend, Stock Photo, Stock Photos, Take-home Pay, Tax, Taxation, Taxes, Text, Thought, Thumbtack, Tickler, Toll, Treatise, Two Objects, Wage, Wages, Wealth, Western Script, Workbook, Written

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