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Skateboarding (Photo by: Tetra Images/AP Images)

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December 01, 2009 12:00:00 AM
March 03, 2013 12:35:06 PM
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Recreational skateboarding, Outdoor recreation, Recreational sports, Recreation and leisure, Lifestyle
10-12 Years, 12-13 years, Active, Activities, Activity, Aerial Trick, Aerial Tricks, Angle, Angle View, Angle Views, Bold, Boy, Bravado, Brave, Building, Buildings, Caucasian, Caucasian Ancestry, Caucasian Ethnicity, Caucasians, Child, Children, Cities, City, Concentrate, Concentrating, Concentration, Courage, Courageous, Energetic, Extreme Sports, Fearless, Fitness, Flip Trick, Flip Tricks, Focus, Focused, Focusing, Full Length, Fun, Health, Health and Fitness, Healthy, Healthy Activity, Intrepid, Jump, Juvenile, Juveniles, Kid, Kids, Male, Males, One Person, Outdoor, Outdoors, Outside, Pavement, People, Physical Fitness, Pleasure, Pre Adolescent, Pre Adolescent Child, Pre Adolescent Children, Pre Adolescents, Pre Teen, Pre Teenager, Pre Teenagers, Pre Teens, Preadolescent, Pre-Adolescent, Preadolescent Child, Pre-Adolescent Child, Preadolescent Children, Pre-Adolescent Children, Preadolescents, Pre-Adolescents, Pre-Teen, Pre-Teen Boy, Pre-Teenager, Pre-Teenagers, Pre-Teens, Puberty Years, Recreation, Skate Boarder, Skate Boarders, Skate Boarding, Skate Boarding Trick, Skate Boarding Tricks, Skateboarder, Skateboarders, Skateboarding, Skateboarding Trick, Skateboarding Tricks, Skatepark, Skateparks, Skater, Skaters, Skating Park, Skating Parks, Sport, Sports, Teen, Teenager, Teenagers, Teens, Tilt, Tilt View, Tilt Views, Tilted, Trick, Tricks, Vertical, Young, Youngster, Youngsters, Youth, Youth Culture, Youths

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