Creative AP Photo/Stocktrek Images A Outer Space  Turkey horizontal A nighttime view of Istanbul, Turkey.

A nighttime view of Istanbul, Turkey.

August 9, 2012 - A nighttime view of Istanbul, Turkey. Most of Istanbul's Asian suburbs (right) appear in this night view from the space station, but only about half the area of the city on the European side (left) can be seen. The margins of the metropolitan area are clearly visible at night, more so than in daylight images. The Bosporus strait (also spelled Bosphorus) (center left) famously separates the two halves of the city, and links the small Sea of Marmara (and the Mediterranean Sea to its south) to the Black Sea (indistinguishable in this night view, top right). Major traffic arteries are the brighter lines crossing the metropolitan area, and also mark all the shorelines. The First Bosporus Bridge and Second Bridge (also known as the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge) can be seen spanning the strait. The brilliant lights of both international airports serving the region also stand out at lower left and lower right. (AP Photo/Stocktrek Images)

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Istanbul, TURKEY

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