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Biology Preserving Glass Containers. (Design Pics via AP)

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October 04, 2011 12:00:00 AM
September 28, 2015 07:54:32 PM
Design Pics via AP
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Animals, Wildlife, Biology, Environment, Environment and nature, Science
instructions, instruction, testtubes, testtube, test tubes, test tube, specimen, still lives, still lifes, still life, blurring, differential focusing, selective focusing, selective focus, focus, blurry, blurred, blur, differential focus, focus techniques, material, ableimages, no people, no-one, no one, nobody, old, animals in the wild, at one with nature, wild animals, wild animal, untamed, natural, nature, wild, wildlife, animal species, creatures, creature, animals, amphibious, amphibians, amphibian, animal, zoology, vessels, vessel, containers, container, image lighting, sunshine, sunny, sunlit, sun, daylight, sunlight, light, view point, close views, close view, close shots, close shot, close ups, views, viewing, details, detail, closeups, closeup view, closeup, close up view, close up, close cropped, close, view, close-up, educational, educating, educated, educate, academic, education, preserves, preserve, projects, project, plantae, plants, flora, plant, scientific, sciences, biology, science, experimenting, tests, test, experiments, experimentation, experiment, preservation, preserved, glass, grain, liquids, fluids, fluid, liquid, research, schools, school, samples, sample, sealed, building interior, interiors, interior, inside, indoors, knowledge, documents, documentation, labels, label, document, labs, laboratories, lab work, lab, laboratory

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