City Skyline with Bank of China Building, Grand Lisboa Hotel-Casino and Wynn Hotel-Casino,Macau,China (Lucas Vallecillos / VWPics via AP Images)

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May 21, 2009 07:19:33 AM
January 20, 2017 11:48:48 AM
Lucas Vallecillos
VWPics via AP Images
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Sightseeing, Economy, Leisure travel, Travel, Lifestyle, Business
ad, Administrative, Ads, Adver, Advertisement, Advertising, Advertising-sign, Architecture, area, Asia, Asian, Asiatic, Attraction, Bank of China, Blue, blue sky, Building, Capitalism, Casino, China, Chinese, city, City Life, Cityscape, classic, Colonial, colonialism, color, Color Image, colour, Concentrate, Concentration, Contemporary, cool, delta, Design, Destination, Developed, district, diversion, Dusk, East, East Asia, Eastern, Eccentric, Eccentricity, Economy, entertainment, Estuary, evening, exterior, Facade, Famous, Far, Far East, Fashion, Fashionable, former Portuguese colony, Fortune, future, Futuristic, Gamble, Gambling, Game, Gaming, Grand, Guangdong, heritage, Historic, Historical, Historical & Fine Arts, history, Horizontal, Hotel, Icon, Iconic, Illuminate, Image, inscription, landmark, Leisure, Lifestyle, Light, lighting, Lights, Lisboa, Lisbon, looking for future, looking future, Lucas, Lucas Vallecillos, Luminous, luxurious, luxury, Macao, Macau, mall, Modern, Modern World, Neighbourhood, Neon, Neon Light, night, night time, Night-light, Nightfall, no people, nobody, Oceania, Open-air, Opportunity, Orient, Oriental, outdoor, outside, Pacific Ocean, Pearl River, peninsula, People's Republic Of China, photo, Photography, Point of interest, Portuguese, Prosperity, Publicity, quarter, Recreation, refinement, Reflection, region, Resort, River, Riverbank, riverscape, Riviere, Romantic, sea, shopping, shopping area, shopping mall, Sightseeing, skyline, Skyscraper, South China Sea, South Pacific, Special, Special Administrative Region, Speciale, street, Tower, traditional, Travel Destination, typical, Urban, Urban Landscape, Urban Scenes, Urbane, Urbanity, Vacation, Vallecillos, View, View From Below, viewer, Viewing, viewpoint, Vision, water, Waterfront, Well-known, without people, World Locations, World Travel, Wynn

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