Scrap dealers in Srinagar, India - 02 Jul 2019

Scrap dealers in Srinagar, India - 02 Jul 2019

Labourers work at a scrap shop in Srinagar. Recycling scrap metals has always been a potential business in which one can make money and even more so now with a huge emphasis on recycling. Millions of tons of scrap metal are processed every year, examples being cars, bikes, pots, polythene, radiators, appliances, pipes, electrical wires, sinks, old electronic appliances and many more. In Kashmir, a scrap processor is dealing with metallic scraps to have a detailed knowledge on overall demand of the products in the valley. Scrap processors purchase scrap metal from various sources, for example from builders, plumbers, mechanics, foundries, and other sellers. The scrap processor may deal in ferrous or non-ferrous or both. The scrap processor will sort the scrap metal in their scrap yard with the use of cranes, magnets, shredders etc, and then sell the processed scrap metal to foundries, mills. Scrap owner Bashir Ahmed (84) assign some peddlers to collect scrap metal from various sources and sell to the scrap processors or they may themselves purchase scrap from scrap processors and supply it to major metal recycling industrialists of the country. In Munwar an area of Srinagar, there are many scrap dealers who are collecting scrap metal from various scrap peddlers by giving them good money for their materials. They are collecting scraps from the old cities of Srinagar, some peddlers are collecting scraps from many homes by giving them minimum cost to their end products. (Photo by Idrees Abbas / SOPA Images/Sipa USA)(Sipa via AP Images)

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