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Meeting day with major companies in Grenoble School of Management (GEM) for students of engineering colleges, IAE and business schools, in the amphitheater. Grenoble Ecole de Management is a large French business school recognized by the State, created in 1984 in Grenoble, in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region. The school offers various training courses in management and entrepreneurship: a classical course on competition (called "Grande Ecole" curriculum) leading to a diploma from the State conferring the master degree or specialized masters, MBA, "Executive MBA" and certifying professional training (CESA). It has a triple accreditation: AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. Created by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Grenoble in 1984, it takes the denomination of Business School of Grenoble and becomes the first school integrating in its teachings the concept of technological management. In 1987, in partnership with INPG, the school launched Formatech, a two-level training (scientific and managerial) level II for senior technicians, engineers with two options, industrial and electrical engineering. In 1989, ESC Grenoble was admitted to the Chapter of Management Schools of the Conference des Grandes Ecoles. The year 2000 saw the opening of an ESC Grenoble Group office to promote e-business training in Shanghai and the exit of the school s second start-up, Askoo, which already brings human expertise and artificial intelligence closer together. In the same year, ESC Grenoble Group obtains EQUIS accreditation. In January 2003, ESC Grenoble changed its name to Grenoble School of Management. In the same year, ESC Grenoble signed one of the first exchange agreements between a business school and an engineering school, ENST Bretagne. In December 2012, Grenoble School of Management is the first management school associated with the Institut Mines-Telecom with the objectives of creating new training and developing research in the field of management of technology and innovation. In O (Sipa via AP Images)

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