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The rights granted for all AP images are non-transferable, only allowed to be used by the licensee and cannot be sublicensed, or shared with anyone else.  The buyer/licensee does not own the copyright to any of the images. Please refer to our License Terms for details on how you may license images. 

Image Subscriptions: If you have a consistent need for images, a subscription plan may be the best solution for you. The following options let you customize the content you need while getting the most value for your budget.

Access all the content you need in one simple plan. In this subscription, you can download images from AP’s vast library as well as images from our editorial and creative partners. We will work with you to calculate your monthly meter based on the license terms and amount of images per month that you require. There are five tiers of content and as you download an image, you will be debited the corresponding amount tied to the tier that the specific image belongs to. Tier information is displayed on the image detail screen and at the point of download. You can review the tiers, associated prices and your progress towards your monthly meter on the Meter Balance tab of the My Account page. This flexible plan lets you maximize your budget while choosing the best images for your project.

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Creative - AP Stock Subscriptions
This collection includes over 20 Million images covering a wide variety of relevant topics and themes, including lifestyle, work, technology, fashion/beauty, health, landscapes, sports, transportation, abstract concepts and more. You can purchase a plan based on the amount of images needed, duration and the number of users in your organization that require access. All images offered are royalty-free and can be used for any design project or document. There are no limits on time or geography nor restrictions on the number of seats or printed copies.

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Photo Microfeeds
Easily access a specific slice of AP’s imagery that’s relevant to you by subscribing to a Photo Microfeed. Images can be pushed directly to you in real time using an XML feed, can be accessed through our API or can be downloaded from our website. Choose from specific news, sports and entertainment subjects including, but not limited to, golf, tennis, fashion, politics, technology, weather, music and more.

Creative Royalty Free
A Royalty Free license is a one-time fee based on the file size of the image. It can be used multiple times for multiple projects over an unlimited time without additional fees or licenses and with few restrictions.
Royalty Free licenses are always non-exclusive.

Creative Rights Managed
When you purchase a RM image license your use is based on the specifications of your project details: the type of project, placement of image, image size, duration of use and geographic distribution. The price will vary based on these details. To use the image again for additional use you will need to re-license it.

Rights managed content can be licensed on a non-exclusive or exclusive basis. Exclusive rights are available for some rights-managed content. When licensing RM content exclusively, you will pay an additional fee. Payment of this additional fee ensures that the content will now be exclusive to the industry, territory, usage, all based on the terms negotiated.  

Our AP price calculator and/or our sales representatives can help you determine the price for the use of every RM image.  


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