A woman holds a placard depicting industrial farming reading 'This is not a hen house'. Several organizations such as FNE (France Nature Environnement), the Lescout Collective (which fights against a mega farm of more than 200,000 chickens), the trade union Confederation Paysanne staged a march in Toulouse.They protest against the mandatory lockdown of poultry due to the avian flu epizootic disease by the French government. Protesters explained the flu is more contagious in intensive farming than in extensive farming. They also claim this mandatory lockdown will kill extensive farming of poultry. They explained in an open air market the reasons of the protest before making a giant omelet for passers-by. Toulouse. France. December 12th 2021. (Photo by Alain Pitton/NurPhoto via AP)

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December 09, 2021 02:52:47 PM
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Alain Pitton
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toulouse, FRANCE
Alain Pitton

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